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How can a divorce attorney help you? Divorce laws vary from state-to-state and understanding how a divorce works can be very challenging, especially when you first get started.


It is important for you to learn what you should expect during this process, what rights you have, and what steps you need to take to protect yourself. Advice and guidance from a local divorce lawyer is a crucial part of getting through this time whether you were served with divorce papers or initiated the proceedings yourself.


Types of Divorce Divorce laws do differ from state-to-state. However, there are six basic types of divorce identified at the US Federal level of Family Law.


These include:No-Fault Divorce: A divorce that does not require any evidence that either party is at fault for the failure of the marriage.

At-Fault Divorce: A Divorce that assigns “fault” to a spouse for committing an act that compromised the marriage, such as adultery.

Uncontested Divorce: Both parties agree on the terms of the divorce.

Collaborative Divorce: This is when both parties agree to enter a formal negotiation to come to a mutually agreed upon resolution.

Mediated Divorce: Similar to a collaborative divorce but with attorneys and other separate parties creating the divorce agreement to be signed by both parties.

Summary Divorce: Special circumstances can warrant a summary divorce.

These can include: marriages of less than 5 years, marriages without children involved, and no (or minimal) joint properties. This is a quick summary of some of the issues to consider when filing for a divorce.


You can find more in-depth divorce information on the divorce wiki at . Family law divorce attorneys will be able to advise you of the best divorce type for your situation as well as how your particular state’s divorce laws apply.Divorce affects all those involved Keep in mind that although this is an emotional and difficult time, the decisions you make now could have long-term consequences and therefore should be based on good advice and accurate information which is why obtaining a family divorce attorney is typically recommended.

There are many issues for you to take under consideration at this time, for example:Child Custody & Divorce If child custody and child visitation are issues in a divorce, you will need to file a separate petition and it is possible that you will need to obtain custody counselors and witnesses.

Child custody can be a complicated issue and the advisement of a local child custody lawyer is recommended to help ensure a child friendly divorce and protect all parties and ensure agreements are within federal and state laws.Child Support & Divorce Child support laws can vary significantly between states as well.

General calculation of child support amounts is determined at the federal level by the office of child support enforcement. However, each state has the authority to create its own child support guidelines too. Seeking the advice of a child support attorney in your state will help you understand the laws as they relate to you in your state.

Division of Assets Many factors also go into decisions surrounding dividing assets with a divorce. Property appraisals, insurance statements, and tax information are necessary for this part of the process. Does your property qualify as marital or non-marital? Do you and your spouse still owe a balance on a loan? There are also questions about pensions, medical insurance, debt, and spousal support that you will have to deal with. An informative overview of these issues to consider can be found here.

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