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Boundary Disputes Attorneys

San Antonio, Texas The land you have purchased for your business represents a significant investment. When questions arise regarding the parameters of that property, you need a lawyer who will represent you and protect that investment. We at Escamilla, Poneck & Cruz, LLP represent clients caught up in boundary disputes. No matter how we choose …

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Kansas Criminal Law

  R. v. Stone (1999) SCC Accused attacked and killed his wife then fled to Mexico after she made a series of “psychologically sadistic” remarks about his sexual prowess.  The automatic accused does not necessarily have to be acting unconsciously but their unconsciousness must be so impaired that they have no control over their actions.  …

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Colorado Criminal Law Lawyer

    FIRST DEGREE MURDER Both first and second degree murder carry a mandatory life sentence; however, they are distinguished by eligibility for parole.  This is set out in CC231, which states that a first degree murderer, with few exceptions, cannot be released on parole until he has served 25 years.  The second degree murderer …

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Documents Needed for a Divorce Investigation About Hidden Assets

A divorce lawyer or investigator usually will need the following documentation in order to begin an investigation into hidden assets: Financial disclosures Tax returns Bank statements Check registers Financial disclosures Typical divorce procedures require that a divorcing couple disclose their assets and liabilities. These disclosures serve as the starting point in any financial investigation seeking …

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Dealing With Loans from Relatives During a Divorce

The blurring of loans and gifts Normally there is very little trouble in valuing a debt or establishing its validity. The oblige will send monthly statements with the amount due and take steps to ensure that regular and timely payments are made. However, this may not be the case when debts are owed to mothers, …

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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

The divorce process known as “collaborative divorce” is a variation on the concept of attorney-assisted mediation. Before I explain how the collaborative divorce process works, a few words about the genesis of this process will be helpful.Why did the process of collaborative divorce develop? The concept of collaborative divorce is generally credited to Minneapolis family …

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Information on Family Law

Information on Family Law At Weingart Law Firm, our mission is to learn and understand our client’s needs and the external factors affecting them so that we may aggressively and profession lay represent them throughout the legal process. We clearly communicate our knowledge and experience, thereby enabling our clients to make well-informed decision for themselves. …

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Children with Special Needs in Family Law Proceedings 

Family law courts today are increasingly dealing with issues facing families of children with special needs. Often, the marital and family dysfunction which led to the breakup of the family was compounded by the challenges inherent in caring for a child who has special needs. These children tend to require high maintenance. Ordinary parenting skills …

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Bankruptcy and Divorce | Family Law Center

Bankruptcy and Divorce Please keep in mind that we are not bankruptcy attorneys and do not specialize in bankruptcy. We offer this article for general information only, and strongly suggest that you consult with a bankruptcy attorney to clarify or expand upon any information contained in this article.   As family law attorneys, the possibility …

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Divorce Attorneys | Family Lawyers

How can a divorce attorney help you? Divorce laws vary from state-to-state and understanding how a divorce works can be very challenging, especially when you first get started.   It is important for you to learn what you should expect during this process, what rights you have, and what steps you need to take to …

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