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Thank You
December 11, 2006
I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything that you did for me during this campaign. My gratitude to you for your faith and generosity and support makes it all the harder to accept the result. I was very much looking forward to delivering you a victory after all that you have done and sacrificed for my candidacy.
Midnight: McClintock and Garamendi Locked in Close Race
November 08, 2006
State Sen. Tom McClintock and John Garamendi are locked in a very tight race for Lt. Governor. Returns are slow coming in from various parts of the state.
McClintock Campaigns in Santa Clarita Valley; Gains Newspaper Endorsement
November 06, 2006
Tom McClintock Campaigns in Santa Clarita Valley; Receives Endorsement from the Signal newspaper. Lieutenant Governor: Tom McClintock is a straight shooter who has stuck to his conservative convictions through the years, while John Garamendi has been mired in scandal. Elect McClintock.
McClintock Leads 2006 ‘Victory Tour’ – Campaigns with Secretary of State Bruce McPherson
November 05, 2006
Forty-eight hours left in the campaign, McClintock’s ‘Victory Tour’ continues around the state and includes the other candidates for Attorney General, Controller and Secretary of State. McClintock & McPherson Campaign in the Inland Empire and San Diego on Sunday; McClintock is joined by Poochigian and Strickland on Saturday; McClintock Visits Victory ’06 headquarters along Central California Coast and Redding on Friday.

McClintock Campaigns in Central Valley with Poochigian and Strickland
November 04, 2006
McClintock Campaign Continues ‘Victory Tour’ through the Central Valley with Chuck Poochigian and Tony Strickland.